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Burlesk corsets NOT TRUST!!!

Im a very very unhappy bunny when it comes to Burlesk corsets and all it took was 2 burlesk corsets that seem to have the same issue.About a year ago I got a burlesk pure black satin waist 24 corset from my boyfriend at the time and I was all going yippee because I was always dieing to get one of the proper steel boned corsets as they shape your body really nicely and you can shrink your waist visually for one night :),but within a week the sticking on the front seemed to started going loose Im not sure to this day is it because of the bad stitch work on the front or is it because the metal clip part that closes in the front has a sharp edge that just cuts through the stiching,but within about a week of me geting my burlesk corset I had to hand fix it and stich the entire front of the clip pack in place.Of course when something like this happens to you there is always a tought it could be just that one particular corset that was like that but about a week ago a friend of mine was look…

Voltaire and Mister Joe Black (24th July 2011)

Today I went to the super awesome Voltaire and Mister Joe Black gig in Dublin :)and I had the time of my life.As I couldnt wear my freak picnic outfit because of working at Dublin E-Sport Event as security on the day of when freak picnic was on I was able to wear it out tonight and stempunkify it a little :)

It was my first time hearing of Mister Joe Black and I checked his stuff before hand on youtube and to be honest at the start I didnt like it,but when I seen him live on the stage I must admit he is a very talanted guy and if you never heard of his stuff and checked him on the net mark my word you have to see him live to see how really awesome he is.

Mister Joe Black's Website(

Oh by the way at the concert Voltaire was selling a lot of interesting merch as he is not just a talanted musician but an amazing artist too and my boyfriend got few CD's and Voltaire even signed them all and I got a little pressy from my boyfriend he got me a small de…

People That Inspire Me No.1


Tank 9 has being one of the top inspirational people when it comes to Cyber dancing and someone who I to a certain extend consider my teacher.Since last year I have ebing going to a local goth club called Dominion here in Ireland and before then Cyber dancing was a form of dance you'd only be able to see on the internet especially on youtube and I always admired it as a form of dance/art so I only started recently to cyber dance myself,but Tank 9 was an inspiration from a long time ago it was just all building up in my brain.Being an observing type I always learn from observing people their movements and with Tank 9 its his videos full of life action and rythm that just build me up with new ideas and things to try out.
To this day I have yet not seen anybody better at cyber dancing than Tank 9 and he truly is magnificent and a very talanted person,some people say that a picture is worth 1,000 words well his videos are worth more than a mil…

Sewing links that I always keep for the rainy days

these are actually 3 links to the projects that im considering doing in the future when im more free the first one I actually got idea for from living dead souls dolls theres one doll in red babydoll pinafore and i really think this would be something very unique comfy and cute to have in your wardrope.

the second link for the high waist skirts i actually dont think i ever seen any beter tutorial at explaining how to make them plus at the end they ave such beautifull looking inspirational designs that im just looking at them and going WANT!!!!!!

as for the 3rd one I was a big fan of sailor moon since emmm... So I can call it my sailor collar obsession from back in the days,but I never got a chance to get something with it so Im really considering on making a sailor collared top or something in the future its just at the moment Im not…

Finished Fairy Painting

I actually finally finished it :) and em quiet proud of this piece

Watercolor and Colouring pencil A3 piece :)