Never did I think I would get back into painting

I was always ok using watercolors and useless at acrylic paints even tho my very super awesome friend stephen is a pro at acrylic paints,but for some reason today I started painting again I didnt have any acrylic paints as I got rid of them last year when college was over,but I still have my favourite set of watercolor pallet left so I started painting again.It really made me happy today I didnt even imagine picking up paints again i was always pen and ink or pencil and shading person or maybe even sometimes the soft pastels,but never really that mad into water colors.So I guess I can say my artistic self is coming back to me again and it actually is going good so far I only started working on the background and Im trying not to rush it and Im impressed with my work already :) I know I could do with some painting lessons,but I cant afford them at the moment,but Im really having a lot of expectations for this piece :)

once the picture is finished Ill post it here its basically a forest fairy standing in water :) I picked dark blue color pallet and trying to base all the colors around it :)


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