My First Glorious moments :)

I was looking through local newspapers from Clondalkin area because few weeks ago exact date 12th of June I was working at a Clondalkin village festival as a facepainter :) and today I came across an article where there was some of my work :)

my work is the boy on the left hand corner on the top of the page its basically the start of making him look like a joker :) and on the bottom right hand corner 2 boys on the right one with the small dragon design on his face and another one with spider man design :) The day was very miserable and rainy and we were afraid we wont get anyone to come but as the day progressed we got some people to come and the day was actually a blast :) the cold was a disadvantage but when I got home my bubbles made me a hot cup of tea and all just felt beter :)

Really hope there will be more facepainting work this summer as I really enjoy it :) even if I have to work with kids it just impoves my skill and sometimes I even have a laugh :)

the thing that I really will never forget about that article is that the newspaper called my work in progress *a memmorable look in the middle of clondalkin* hahah it actually makes me laugh a little because the boys that came over were around 1 and we all were bribing them to get their faces painted with lollypops :)


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