Last Saturday Shenanigans

Last Saturday me and Will went to Dominion to our local goth club to wish safe journey and say goodbye to a wonderfull Sabine I havent known her for a long time,but she showed the wonderfullest of first impression on me when I first met her and we did have a chit chat every once in a while.Was really sad to see her go as we dont have as many awesome people like her left in Ireland,but we all had a bit of fun that night.
Also to my surprise a really old friend of mine James (as we call him BOB) was passing by in dublin today and came over to Dominion to meet up with old friend and have a bit of a laugh.I was very happy to see him and he still keeps his hair blue in color ^^ which is awesome.Other than that all seems to be very quiet at the moment in all ways which might be either good or bad who knows.


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