Growing adipose obsession

My boyfriend got me into Doctor Who *dom dom DOM!* and now img eting a fascination with little cute adipose fat balls :) and it got to the point that now I have my very own little fat ball :)

I called him squishy hahaha random name I know I always give weird small things random names so its not that hard to remember their names,but this one is called squishy because he actually is truly sticky and SQUISHY!!!It really freaks people out tho when i squish him in a certain way so it looks like as if hes moving both of his eyes at the same time and they come out and then you can see his squishy insides :) hes soo fun to play with

also apart from that we have an addition to our small plant family :) its a cactus by the name Charlie :) found him in Tescos in town while picking up veggies for soup :) so we had to adopt him because he was being sold at a discount and if we didnt save him he could have ended up dead on the streets :( I was very dissapointed to see him being sold at a discount because hes a very healthy and good cactus and will surely live for a very long time and its not like cactuses die off easily and need that much care and he comes in a little cute pot too.

Charlie my new mexican baby cactus now got a permanent home and is very happy and gets along with his lilly sister aloe vera plant :) and hes going to be taken care of and never going down a bad way or going to be thrown out.

"A plant is for a lifetime not just Christmass!!"


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