Dublin Place review: The Tea Garden

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Dublin is a pretty plain and boring city woth your typical McDonalds and Burger King on every corner,but there are few places in Dublin that I absolutely adore and usually come to spend my time with friends and this is a new place on my list.To be honest this place Ive only being there for the first time this Saturday and already love it. My very close friend Helen recommended it to me as we see each other once a year or so thanks to long distances and busy lifestyles,but once we meet up we make it memorable and have a little laugh as always.

This tea place is called *The Tea Garden *

its adress is: 7 Lower Ormond Quay - Dublin 1 which makes it really central.

here is a little map on how to get there that i robbed of their website if anybody interested in visiting this place.and if your interested in website :http://www.tea-garden.eu/contact.html

This place is really cozy awesome and lets you escape the busy city life and horrible pop music,scumbags and miserable weather that we tend to have in Ireland and it has a bit of middle eastern/asian athmospehere to it which I found really interesting and amazing.The place on its own is pretty quiet,but by that I dont mean people just sitting and drinking tea its just there is no that much of noice like you get in anywhere else,but everybody seems to be sociolizing and having great laugh.

The decor of the place is soo cute you got these little tables and then these comfy pillows to sit your bum on and you have to take off your shoes which might seems small thing but it does make you feel a bit like in your comfort zone on top of that theyve got boards games that you can play whiile drinking tea which I never seen any other places do its like siting in your living room with friends and drinking tea and playing games.

One disadvantage of this place is that the tea is a bit pricey you will pay different prices depending on the tea you get it starts from something like 6euros upto something around 10 euros,but you do get plenty of tea for that money basically you get a tea pot full of tea which is amazing and the tea pots arent small at all and the selection of teas they have is like WOW!! We were new in this place so a freidn of mine recomended me to get Masala the way she described it was *think of it as Christmass in a cup* and funnily enough she was right it tasted like you had full Christmass in a cup.And I would recomend it to anyone who wants to feel Christmass eary in the year :)

If you really like your tea or maybe are really picky about what tea you like no matter what your tea addiction is like they will satisfy any tea lovers quench and you can discover plenty of different new types of tea in there you should definatelly check this place out and bring few friends with you :) and if you really grown to any type of tea and would love to bring some hope they actually sell the loose teas too :)


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