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Never did I think I would get back into painting

I was always ok using watercolors and useless at acrylic paints even tho my very super awesome friend stephen is a pro at acrylic paints,but for some reason today I started painting again I didnt have any acrylic paints as I got rid of them last year when college was over,but I still have my favourite set of watercolor pallet left so I started painting again.It really made me happy today I didnt even imagine picking up paints again i was always pen and ink or pencil and shading person or maybe even sometimes the soft pastels,but never really that mad into water colors.So I guess I can say my artistic self is coming back to me again and it actually is going good so far I only started working on the background and Im trying not to rush it and Im impressed with my work already :) I know I could do with some painting lessons,but I cant afford them at the moment,but Im really having a lot of expectations for this piece :)

once the picture is finished Ill post it here its basically a forest…

Freak picnic 2011

Last Saturday it was the annual freak picnis in Stephens green it was on the same day as gay pride and since friday I was staffing as a security at Irelands first Dublin E-Sport Event (DEE) so I was pretty tired due to lack of sleep energy and time for food :),but because my daddy was coming up to dublin for the weekend I tagged along for a few :) here is a picture of me and my daddy from the freak picnic that someone took :P you can see we look alike

I know I looked like a wreck on the day because i only had 6 hours of sleep in 3 days and was running on my energy potion :P which ment when i dropped I would dropp into cinderella sleep :)

My First Glorious moments :)

I was looking through local newspapers from Clondalkin area because few weeks ago exact date 12th of June I was working at a Clondalkin village festival as a facepainter :) and today I came across an article where there was some of my work :)

my work is the boy on the left hand corner on the top of the page its basically the start of making him look like a joker :) and on the bottom right hand corner 2 boys on the right one with the small dragon design on his face and another one with spider man design :) The day was very miserable and rainy and we were afraid we wont get anyone to come but as the day progressed we got some people to come and the day was actually a blast :) the cold was a disadvantage but when I got home my bubbles made me a hot cup of tea and all just felt beter :)

Really hope there will be more facepainting work this summer as I really enjoy it :) even if I have to work with kids it just impoves my skill and sometimes I even have a laugh :)

the thing that I really wi…

Dublin Place review: The Tea Garden

(pic from:

Dublin is a pretty plain and boring city woth your typical McDonalds and Burger King on every corner,but there are few places in Dublin that I absolutely adore and usually come to spend my time with friends and this is a new place on my list.To be honest this place Ive only being there for the first time this Saturday and already love it. My very close friend Helen recommended it to me as we see each other once a year or so thanks to long distances and busy lifestyles,but once we meet up we make it memorable and have a little laugh as always.

This tea place is called *The Tea Garden *

its adress is: 7 Lower Ormond Quay - Dublin 1 which makes it really central.

here is a little map on how to get there that i robbed of their website if anybody interested in visiting this place.and if your interested in website :

This place is really cozy awesome and lets you escape the busy city life and h…

Growing adipose obsession

My boyfriend got me into Doctor Who *dom dom DOM!* and now img eting a fascination with little cute adipose fat balls :) and it got to the point that now I have my very own little fat ball :)

I called him squishy hahaha random name I know I always give weird small things random names so its not that hard to remember their names,but this one is called squishy because he actually is truly sticky and SQUISHY!!!It really freaks people out tho when i squish him in a certain way so it looks like as if hes moving both of his eyes at the same time and they come out and then you can see his squishy insides :) hes soo fun to play with

also apart from that we have an addition to our small plant family :) its a cactus by the name Charlie :) found him in Tescos in town while picking up veggies for soup :) so we had to adopt him because he was being sold at a discount and if we didnt save him he could have ended up dead on the streets :( I was very dissapointed to see him being sold at a discount be…

Last Saturday Shenanigans

Last Saturday me and Will went to Dominion to our local goth club to wish safe journey and say goodbye to a wonderfull Sabine I havent known her for a long time,but she showed the wonderfullest of first impression on me when I first met her and we did have a chit chat every once in a while.Was really sad to see her go as we dont have as many awesome people like her left in Ireland,but we all had a bit of fun that night.
Also to my surprise a really old friend of mine James (as we call him BOB) was passing by in dublin today and came over to Dominion to meet up with old friend and have a bit of a laugh.I was very happy to see him and he still keeps his hair blue in color ^^ which is awesome.Other than that all seems to be very quiet at the moment in all ways which might be either good or bad who knows.