The Queen Has Arrived which means no fun

Evil Evil old granny from England

Finished college yesterday for good and had to go over to my boyfriends house which means from college I had to go to Dublin city centre to get the bus :( no fun ended up walking around city and then stuck at one spot for about an hour because gardai closed up the entire city *POOO* simply because people didnt want to see the queen in Ireland but instead wanted to do their usual shopping the police tought it would be fun blocking all people and not let them move around the area where queen was driving through to show an impression like as if we care.I didnt have any issues with queen untill now,but seriously on an early day out of college not geting back untill 6 hours later thats ridiculous considering she has left o'conell street and we were still delayed for another hour :(

and ontop of that it was the only day of the year when guardai went out and done something :) oh and we even had snipers on the roofs of O'Conell street even though our own police forces arent allowed to have any gun weaponry on them which makes you kinda think what exactly is going on.Fair enough you wanted to secure the queen,but why tell people on television *we dont want you to stay out of town the city will be still open for shopping purposes* ,but then treating people like sheep making them walk in random directions in circles without geting anywhere and make us stand for hours pointless.Really Grrr at the whole queen issue and the baraka obama is in dublin next week which means it will be soo chaotic in city for the next week or two.


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