Modeling means living a life not suffering

Whenever people see or hear about models they seem to always think about extreme diets and keeping your body in ridiculous extreme conditions just to be in a certain shape category,but in fact I guess Im lucky in a way that I live in 21st Century nobody is interested in Belimic coke heads anymore models come in different shapes and sizes and even if we want to be a certain weight category its not that hard to do.Im a lazy bum myself,but I walk a lot due to living in place where public transport and walking is the way to go around if you dont own a car,but yet I used to be size 10 only few months ago and dropped down to size 8 weighing the same and starting to eat more a friend of mine from the night club that I go to is size 6 and looks beautifull but she eats 6 times a day and exercises a lot and to be honest I must give her credit for making me dropping a size.As a person Im not a vegeterian I looove to have at least one piece of meat a day and dinner is usually something that i overdose on as its my main meal of the day and I used to skip other meals,but after some research and of course tips from my friend I just changed my diet a little and cut down on sandwhiches and bread a little and started eating more often before 8pm and trying to avoid anything apart from tea and juices after that and what do you know I still weight the same yet I dropped the size.

people today really have to understand that loosing weight by not eating is not the way to go if your really unhappy with yourself its possible to change the way you look or what weight you are but you have to be reasonable and think ahead because what makes you look good today wont make you look good tomorow you have to look after your body firstly from the inside and then it will show the outcome on the outside and by that you also have to make sure you eat plentifully f everything you need to go through the day and never say no to a healthy lunch as its one of the most important parts of the day :)


Also something I want to get across to people out there with the new WeightWatchers foods its something that I noticed a while ago.Weight Watchers tell you if you eat their food and nothing else it will make you loose weight well the way they make it work is by starving your body so it has to burn its own fat and they dont fill you up with weight watchers food you will be walking around starving all day long and it wont do you any good of course you will loose the weight but whats the point of loosing weight if your going to walk around with your stomach going *grr* all day long that will just be embaressing and so not worth the weight loosing.

and as well as that something people should learn,weight is not about how many kilos your weighing scales tell you you are because fat weights less than a muscle its a fact and its mainly about how can you present it look at marilyn monroe she wasnt your average size 0 model yet she is one of the worlds biggest idols these days and she surely was beautifull and she never let her weight get on top of her she made it work for her so why not make your weight work the same way for you.


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