Last Week

Last week was *FUN!* First week off college and I'm already out and about :) First of all on Thursday I went to an art exhibit in town my daddy was coming over to Dublin for it and I have'nt seen him in a pretty long while so I was really excited to catch up with him again.We went and did a bit of shopping beforehand and then we met up a bit later on to go to the art exhibition I ever took one shot of my daddy with himself in the background ^^


the night went fantastic met Kieran found out he was actually aranging plenty of things for this exhibition and he had some of his work up aswell ^^ he does photography in college and during this summer we plan to work together on few various photoshoot ideas ^^ we will even have griffins college studio that we will have an access to because he goes to college there and its unnocupied for the summer ^^ oh by the way the picture on the photo is actually Kierans work too thats why I tought I should include it in here :) Kieran is really talanted photography student really cant wait to work on crazy ideas with him now once we both are finished with everything and have some free time it will be one hell of a summer I tell you.


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