Freak Picnic 2011 here I come.

So Im finally finished with my freak picnic outfit YAY!!!! I started sewing recently thanx to my boyfriends super awesome grandmother who tought me how to use sewing machine and ever since that Ive being sewing crazy ^^ and as its coming to freak picnic only in few weeks time of course I had to make an outfit for it so I made a skirt,bloomers,neck and headpieces for it :) and tought I would share the pictures.*sigh* I know corset looks a bit out of place,but I simply cant afford a new corset at the moment,but Im sure it would look rather splendid with a white corset ^^ its just at the moment I need to do soo much stuff and save up for the dentist and for supplies for the alice in wonderland shoot as I havent got an idea what exactly we are doing as tweedle dee and tweedledum and what else costume wyze will be needed to be done for it,but Im really proud of my first big project ^^ still havent got any idea what exactly Iam doing with the hair,but Ill post some pictures if there is any taken at the freak picnic :)


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