Deathawk Myauu!!!!

I Always wanted to try it out but never could get it right and now that Ive got an undercut and a bit of crazy hair to play around with I was actually able to recreate deathawk ^^ and what do I find out YOU CAN HAVE IT EVEN WITHOUT UNDERCUT!!

Would like to say special thanx to *liannelin* on youtube for making the tutorial that helped me out :)


oh and about why exaclty I wanted to make deathawk well few years ago I came across this video randomly going through youtube I came across this video and I went "KAWAII" not does the dudes look is awesome,but the story of how he was watched by hi family member it was soo funny and cute so I dont know ever since then i wanted to try deathawk :) oh and heres my outcome images ^^

by the way if anybody ever trying to make a deathawk themselves tip for the future ^^ to get rid of it with the least effort put plenty of hair conditioner on your hair and leave it for about 30 minutes and then wash it off it might be a bit dificult to brush but it actually is the easiest way to get rid of it afterwards with minimum hair damage.


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