Crazy Funky Ideas I wish to do in the next few years of doing modeling

1.Shoot with masks(have broken porcelain doll make up with plenty of different kinds of masks around the place)

2.graveyard underworld style shoot(vampire in long trenchcoat )

3.electric tape shoot (xs on nipples and plenty of random designs with electrical tape on body,electrical tape tophat and neck corset) wires with red roses in the hair cyber poison ivy

5.bleeding jigsaw puzzles

6.2 girls corseted piercings on the back intervined together

7.suringe needles through the back with feathers or lolipops in them

8.vampire jeanette

9.plastic surgery marker marks,psycho model with xray pictures all around background

10.Mime black and white style shoot

11.Cyber goth princess

12.nerdy gamer girl siting on top of a television with a game controler

13.cogs coming out of stomach android shoot is blind: have eyes stiched while holding live heart in both hands

15.egyptian monk with aeroglyphs on the face/body

16.fetish geisha

17.gothic zombie

18.heart shaped glasses Evan Rachel style shoot (pure red lips)

19.blindfolded with weighing scales (justice)

20.Spiky punk style statue of liberty


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