College is over time to find work

So college is finished for the next few years as at the moment I cant really afford to proceed my education so next few years I will be saving money to get plenty of nicies and at the same time get more into modelling and try to go to england for few shoots to expand my modeling location and of course most of the savings will be saved up for paying for my college expenses when I get back to college.Its a bit upsetting as I really love going to college our LUDO C group was awesome we still talk to each other and get together for some laughs sometimes,but I will really miss the college and everyone its really great experience and dont know if it will be the same in next few years when I do get back.Really hope I will still see familiar faces around as for now I will be looking for a job around town and hopefully get my own wee little place in city centre ^^ really would love to get a small place I can call my own home as Ive being out and about for the past few years and really want to settle in finally in a cozy little place :)

See how everything will go really hope tomorow interview will go well for me as the place seems to be really nice and a friend of mine knows the owner of the place :)

Im just freaking out a little bit at the moment as Im always freaking out about the job interviews plus my lip got a bit of infection and have to wear retainer in it *no fun* hopefully it doesnt get worse as my new retainers havent arrived yet.


  1. I am very sorry to hear that, at least your future is not bleak and you always have the option to go back and finish college.

    At least you got your modelling to keep you busy and you can concentrate on the modelling. Who knows you could end up being really big and can become a professional and that could be a great help for saving up for going back to college.

    I look forward to our shoot together and Brendan seems very exited. :)

  2. Thank you Amy and surely will start working on the dreadsies and the outfit for our photoshoot soon just being quiet busy recently with working on another project and looking for a job and Im really excited working with you for the first time and working again with Brendan as he is very talanted and amazing to work with:)


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