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Crazy Funky Ideas I wish to do in the next few years of doing modeling

1.Shoot with masks(have broken porcelain doll make up with plenty of different kinds of masks around the place)

2.graveyard underworld style shoot(vampire in long trenchcoat )

3.electric tape shoot (xs on nipples and plenty of random designs with electrical tape on body,electrical tape tophat and neck corset) wires with red roses in the hair cyber poison ivy

5.bleeding jigsaw puzzles

6.2 girls corseted piercings on the back intervined together

7.suringe needles through the back with feathers or lolipops in them

8.vampire jeanette

9.plastic surgery marker marks,psycho model with xray pictures all around background

10.Mime black and white style shoot

11.Cyber goth princess

12.nerdy gamer girl siting on top of a television with a game controler

13.cogs coming out of stomach android shoot is blind: have eyes stiched while holding live heart in both hands

15.egyptian monk with aeroglyphs on the face/body

16.fetish geisha

17.gothic zombie

18.heart shaped glasses Evan Rachel style shoot (p…

Freak Picnic 2011 here I come.

So Im finally finished with my freak picnic outfit YAY!!!! I started sewing recently thanx to my boyfriends super awesome grandmother who tought me how to use sewing machine and ever since that Ive being sewing crazy ^^ and as its coming to freak picnic only in few weeks time of course I had to make an outfit for it so I made a skirt,bloomers,neck and headpieces for it :) and tought I would share the pictures.*sigh* I know corset looks a bit out of place,but I simply cant afford a new corset at the moment,but Im sure it would look rather splendid with a white corset ^^ its just at the moment I need to do soo much stuff and save up for the dentist and for supplies for the alice in wonderland shoot as I havent got an idea what exactly we are doing as tweedle dee and tweedledum and what else costume wyze will be needed to be done for it,but Im really proud of my first big project ^^ still havent got any idea what exactly Iam doing with the hair,but Ill post some pictures if there is any …

Modeling means living a life not suffering

Whenever people see or hear about models they seem to always think about extreme diets and keeping your body in ridiculous extreme conditions just to be in a certain shape category,but in fact I guess Im lucky in a way that I live in 21st Century nobody is interested in Belimic coke heads anymore models come in different shapes and sizes and even if we want to be a certain weight category its not that hard to do.Im a lazy bum myself,but I walk a lot due to living in place where public transport and walking is the way to go around if you dont own a car,but yet I used to be size 10 only few months ago and dropped down to size 8 weighing the same and starting to eat more a friend of mine from the night club that I go to is size 6 and looks beautifull but she eats 6 times a day and exercises a lot and to be honest I must give her credit for making me dropping a size.As a person Im not a vegeterian I looove to have at least one piece of meat a day and dinner is usually something that i ov…

College is over time to find work

So college is finished for the next few years as at the moment I cant really afford to proceed my education so next few years I will be saving money to get plenty of nicies and at the same time get more into modelling and try to go to england for few shoots to expand my modeling location and of course most of the savings will be saved up for paying for my college expenses when I get back to college.Its a bit upsetting as I really love going to college our LUDO C group was awesome we still talk to each other and get together for some laughs sometimes,but I will really miss the college and everyone its really great experience and dont know if it will be the same in next few years when I do get back.Really hope I will still see familiar faces around as for now I will be looking for a job around town and hopefully get my own wee little place in city centre ^^ really would love to get a small place I can call my own home as Ive being out and about for the past few years and really want to …

Last Week

Last week was *FUN!* First week off college and I'm already out and about :) First of all on Thursday I went to an art exhibit in town my daddy was coming over to Dublin for it and I have'nt seen him in a pretty long while so I was really excited to catch up with him again.We went and did a bit of shopping beforehand and then we met up a bit later on to go to the art exhibition I ever took one shot of my daddy with himself in the background ^^


the night went fantastic met Kieran found out he was actually aranging plenty of things for this exhibition and he had some of his work up aswell ^^ he does photography in college and during this summer we plan to work together on few various photoshoot ideas ^^ we will even have griffins college studio that we will have an access to because he goes to college there and its unnocupied for the summer ^^ oh by the way the picture on the photo is actually Kierans work too thats why I tought I should include it in here :) Kieran is…

Deathawk Myauu!!!!

I Always wanted to try it out but never could get it right and now that Ive got an undercut and a bit of crazy hair to play around with I was actually able to recreate deathawk ^^ and what do I find out YOU CAN HAVE IT EVEN WITHOUT UNDERCUT!!

Would like to say special thanx to *liannelin* on youtube for making the tutorial that helped me out :)


oh and about why exaclty I wanted to make deathawk well few years ago I came across this video randomly going through youtube I came across this video and I went "KAWAII" not does the dudes look is awesome,but the story of how he was watched by hi family member it was soo funny and cute so I dont know ever since then i wanted to try deathawk :) oh and heres my outcome images ^^

by the way if anybody ever trying to make a deathawk themselves tip for the future ^^ to get rid of it with the least effort put plenty of hair conditioner on your hair and leave it for about 30 minutes …

The Queen Has Arrived which means no fun

Evil Evil old granny from England

Finished college yesterday for good and had to go over to my boyfriends house which means from college I had to go to Dublin city centre to get the bus :( no fun ended up walking around city and then stuck at one spot for about an hour because gardai closed up the entire city *POOO* simply because people didnt want to see the queen in Ireland but instead wanted to do their usual shopping the police tought it would be fun blocking all people and not let them move around the area where queen was driving through to show an impression like as if we care.I didnt have any issues with queen untill now,but seriously on an early day out of college not geting back untill 6 hours later thats ridiculous considering she has left o'conell street and we were still delayed for another hour :(

and ontop of that it was the only day of the year when guardai went out and done something :) oh and we even had snipers on the roofs of O'Conell street even though our ow…


heya guys some of you know me already and some might be new to this page but one way or another thanx for checking it out.

About me

Name: Mechanic Geisha Current Age: 19 Location:Dublin,Ireland In a Relationship:Yes one Fiancee and a boyfriend Occupation Computer Games and Interactive Entertainment Development Student,Model and an Entertainer Hobbies:Video Games,Anime,Manga,Sewing,Dancing,Listening to Music,Going out,Traveling,Visiting friends from all over Ireland Education:FETAC Level 5 in Arts and waiting for FETAC Level 5 in Information Technology

Biological Info

Height:5'4 (1.64m)
Weight:116lb (54kg)
Skin:Pale White
Eyes:Green with mix of yellow
Hair: Shoulder lenght mix of black and Magenta
Bust: 34A
Waist: 27 inches
Waist with corset: 24 inches
Hips: 37 inches
dress size: 8 (UK small)
Corset size:22 Inches
Shoe Size: 6.5(UK), 40(Europe)

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