When a "victim" becomes an abuser

You'd think shit will settle down after the case was dropped, but seems the shit is back floating yet again on the Dublin scene and someone who I will refer to as "the victim" is openly abusing it's so called "abuser" yet again because the case was dropped and you know when people don't get their way so it seems after a short break more shit keeps coming out of the wood works, just because.

We don't get everything we want in life shit happens that's inevitable some get it less others get it more, but sadly this is life and something we all have to deal with on various levels and ocasions in our lives.

I just got a word from a friend of mine whom I will refer to as "A" that he was asked politely not to turn up at a certain event that was held in Dublin recently and of course everything points at all the old drama and honestly I felt sooo upset and disappointed at people that I had to write this to hopefully show people where I COME FRO…

2017 Year of a giant cock!

I know the title of this entry is pretty dodge and lol worthy, but yeah while some are looking for hope and promises for 2017 to be better than 2016 for me this year is literary something I'm not looking  forward to since day one as it will be like a minefield in all ways possible and baby steps towards hopefully having a more tolerable 2018 I know I know the year has just begun and I'm already jumping ahead of myself,but seriously I've already plan of action set till August or so and I already want sleep and rest for myself yet day job is back starting tomorrow.

So whats happening or not happening this year:

* Last year was final year of Eirtakon so sadly it will not happen this year which is such a shame as I put 9 years into helping out at Eirtakon and my con family are missed dearly! Oh the fun we had!

*New job needs to happen as my main priority for this year if I want everything on the list to happen, as my boss is relocating and doesn't care about how inconvenie…

Is it possible to make a Cosplay in a week with a full time job?

I guess not many people know that when Cosplay events happen especially in the Summer time here in Ireland few events tend to happen quiet close to each other like Experience Japan always happens near Japanese Film Festival times and Q-Con fell this year with Lighthouse Cinema Spirited Away screening with Ghibli fancy dress party only 6 days between two events.

If you got an arsenal of Cosplays done and dusted it's great as it means just pull them out of your wardrobe and BAM you're ready for the night, but if you've got to stick to specific theme or maybe got a short schedule its often a question of:

"Can I make something up on such a short notice and in time?"

So this is an entry of my own adventure of making a cosplay in roughly a week (6 days in my case) just to show that anyone can make a decent not so much *half arsed* cosplay in a week!!

So what comes first in these sort of situation?

1. Take your current time and funding availability and be reasonable on w…

Summer 2016 Is my body ready for this?

Well it seems that time of the year again and yet another blog entry.
(I hate writing about boring pointless crap so you know hence the reason why I dont write so frequently on this blog ,but when I get some adventures on my ass its always shared in here)

 I'm more yay winter kind of person and still hoping I get to see the snow sometime soon, but I do love the way summer is full of events both here in the Republic and Northern Ireland  which makes Summer's more tolerating and interesting than that *eat, sleep, work repeat* shedules nonstop. So I gotta admit after having horribly stressful past few months in work my long weekend/ annual holidays aka Jays only summer holiday this year were well spent even tho I'm still sitting here a week later and haven't had a chance to catch up on rest or sleep! Maybe next weekend...

So what Have I being up to....

After months upon months of waiting I was finally able to attend the Invisible Empire Exhibition by Juha Arvid Helminen h…

April Shenanigans

It's hard to believe it's "that time of the year again", but only today after 3 weeks of crazyness I was able to sit down at my desk to write about it as I literary had no day off whatsoever with all the day job, sewing, preparations for events costume work for future photo shoots etc... so tought I'd share the shenanigans with you guys as I know I'm pretty behind on posting stuff on my dA that was needed to be posted for quiet a long time which I will hopefully get onto later on today too if I got enough time so yeah prepare your bodies for the pretty loong blog update.

So the start of it all probably could be explained as "gang getting together reunion" after a long time and few reschedules we had a whole gang together in Ireland for one more party and tea filled weekend. Honestly I do miss everyone we used to have such a blast back in Dominion days <3

Left to right: (some really photogenic photobomber in the back of the picture)Constance, Soph…

Just a bit of a media whore!

So seems like this year I was spotted on local *media* thanks to the involvement with Eirtakon

So tought Id share it with you guys:


On Monday 19th of October some of the shots we have taken in Croke Park for Eirtakon have being featured in Irish Examiner Page 4 sounds pathetic,but really was HOLY SHIT worthy. Overall it was an incredible day off work and out with some of the Irelands lovely cosplayers :)


Number 5 head to the convention is an Image taken last year at Eirtakon :) woo soo glad to see Eirtakon getting media exposure and the scene growing soo much in the past few years its really is something :)

Cant believe the year is almost over!!

Hellooo everyone!!!
Sorry it took soo bloody long to write back,but not going to lie I'm still looking for a time to just relax as seems like any time off work I either spent procrastinating in hope of rest or just being feeling sorry for myself being tired after my day job....
So I finally kinda got my shit together to write another entry as I always do them around this time of the year and got to commit to write one as I always do. So no more slacking off.
So how did Eirtakon go this year.....
INCREDIBLE!!! Cannot believe over the entire weekend we had in around 4,100 people completely jaw dropingly mind blown and still going WOW!!!Overall all events went smoothly too which was a big *phew!* as knowing me I always panic until the day the convention is over in case something may go wrong and honestly I felt pretty happy answering my e-mails a week before seeing how many of my lovely maids and butlers were coming back this year again seriously I guess I get mostly hyped up about Eirta…